Samples of Spokespersons & Clients on TV/Radio

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Spokesperson/Food Columnist Gerry Furth (left) on
"Gabby Gourmet Show," KQTV (Salt Lake City)

David Latter, Sr. (right), Chairman of Morehouse Foods, presents plaque to the late Chick Hearn (left), reknown sportscaster for the Los Angeles Lakers, on the occassion of his 3,000th consecutive broadcast and for one of his most famous expressions, "The Mustard Came Off the Hot Dog" taped for CNN (National/Worldwide)

Lee & Associates Vice President Howard Pearlstein (left) supervises segment for client Panda Inn Restaurants with Chuck Henry (center) for KNBC-TV News and "Travel Cafe" show
(Los Angeles)

Will Wise (left), Manager of the Oregon Potato Commission, with Chef Para on KWKW Spanish-language radio (Los Angeles)

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