Samples of Spokespersons & Clients on TV

“Unwrapped” (Food Network) – Tour of Mrs. Cubbison’s
stuffing plant – on behalf of Mrs. Cubbison’s Foods.


“Oprah” (ABC-TV Network) —Howard Helmer, one of our New York public relations affiliates, who is also the Guinness World Record-holder for making omelettes – on behalf of  the American Egg Board and the California Egg Board

“Morning News” (NBC-TV Affiliate/Channels 7 and 39, San Diego) — Multiple-client promotion for Thanksgiving with cookbook author Marcie Rothman.

“The View From The Bay” (ABC-TV Affiliate/ KGO, Channel 7, San Francisco) — "Sourdough Bread Bowl Cookbook” author John Vrattos on behalf of Colombo Bread.

"L.A. Cityview” (L.A. TV, Channel 35) — News segment on behalf of WESTEC Expo.



Henry's Farmers Market Burbank Grand Opening, September 30, 2009


Henry's Farmers Market Grand Opening in Woodland Hills, Caifornia
May 6, 2009


Henry's Farmers Market Job Fair, March 21/22, 2009


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